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About Changing Minds

About us

Changing Minds – Applied Psychology Services is an independent, nation-wide provider delivering high-quality psychological services to children, young people and adults.

We apply effective models of psychology to ensure the very best outcomes for children, young people and adults. In doing so, our psychologists work with parents, and/or carers – and where appropriate, other professionals to create an accurate and shared understanding of a child, young person’s or an adult’s needs.

about Changing Minds

Interventions are bespoke and tailored to address, reduce and remove any identified barriers to a child or young person’s development and or learning.

Our principles

  • Children and young people have a right to have their views heard and taken into account when planning for their future.
  • Parents have a crucial role to play in their child’s development and as such, all individual work with children and young people should be carried out in partnership with parents.
  • We empower people to develop the necessary resources to make desirable changes in their own lives.
  • All children have a right to equality, inclusion and achievement.
Mission statement

Our mission statement

To provide the highest quality psychological services to every child, young person and adult that we work with

Who we are: about us

Our skills

We apply psychological theories to enable us to undertake detailed assessments, interpret findings and develop appropriate intervention. We also undertake strategic planning, which gives us the ability to lead and inspire others and improve outcomes for children, young people and adults.

The ability to manage and respond to challenging and competing deadlines

Excellent written and oral communication skills

The ability to interpret and relay complex information to a range of different audiences

Motivational speaking and presenting

Excellent negotiation skills

Conflict resolution skills

Creativity, pragmatism and tenaciousness

Our team

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Katie Hinds

About Katie

Katie is a highly-skilled psychologist and school improvement professional with over 22 years’ experience of working in schools and Local Authorities. She has served as Principal Educational Psychologist in three different Local Authorities and more recently as Head of Education and Inclusion in another Local Authority. Katie also has extensive medico-legal experience and has undertaken assessments and prepared reports on a range of different topics (parental alienation, the impact of childhood adversity on children’s and adult’s psychological presentation/functioning, assessments in relation to an adult’s parenting capacity, cognitive and capacity assessments in relation to fitness to plead or instruct counsel).

Changing Minds uses a number of high quality Associate Educational Psychologists with a variety of different specialisms.